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06 June 2008 @ 12:53 am
{personal} yaaay hiatus!  
Guess what everyone, my trip to Taiwan is only a few short hours away at this point so I'll be on hiatus for the next two weeks or so.

Yes, I know that next to no one reads this, but I feel obliged to make an announcement anyway. Hahaha.

Well anyway, wish me luck over there! I'm definitely better off than some of the other kids going with me-- I was raised in the 'Asian way' after all-- but I'm sure that this experience will still be pretty hard for me, given my absolute lack of Mandarin skills. XD

I gotta go pack, but look forward to an extremely long, rambling post about the trip when I get back! Bye everybody! ♥

P.S. Of course this hiatus applies to shanghaix1943 too. Sorry I couldn't make another quick update beforehand, but the last few weeks have been CRAZY for me. ;__;
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